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Friday, February 19, 2010

Nightie Nightie or PJ's all the way!

What do you prefer?? Or wear as a rule...?

I am the first to admit that nightdresses or gowns like the one above look very elegant but I would never wear them preferring my comfortable pyjamas with a white tee shirt as bed wear... I think Mr SE would prefer to see me in satin and lace but that just 'isn't me'!

These above are my favourites at the moment which I bought from lovely J.Crew when we were over in USA last November (unfortunately J.Crew do not ship overseas or maybe I should say, fortunately, for the credit card's sake).... They look great, quite smart I think and are cotton and soft - what more could one ask for?


  1. Neither :-) But I do have a fabulous collections of baby dolls which I like to suprise Mr FF with now and then.....

    I am now on the hunt for a pair of marabou slippers and think that these combined with a feather duster would be perfect.

    L x

  2. PJ's all the way...or boxers and singlet in warmer weather...I do own the odd nightie but more for special occasions or really hot summer nights...but they tend to be found creeping somewhere halfway up your back in the morning..lol

  3. Leeanne!! You do make me laugh - marabou slippers and a feather duster indeed...!

    Anna - quite that is the trouble with nighties they do end up uncomfortably wrapped round you!

    TNMA - yes so in agreement....

  4. AAAAHHHHH! But... extra large vintage flannelette nighties tuck in nicely around your feet on a freezing winter night and are so voluminous that you can wriggle around inside and they don't move. Trouble is they are hard to find and mine...I have owned for 50 years and they are still going strong!

  5. PJ's for me too, but that nightie you have at the top of the page is gorgeous and your
    J Crews are pretty neat. Alas... whatever I wear comes right off though and not because hubby is a love god or anything but because of the dreaded
    M o pause... ugh

  6. Cotton sateen slip dress nightie, or newly acquired vintage silk mens style pajamas...or black silky side slits long wanna be sexy negligee...for wooing Mr. HB!

  7. Nightgowns. But flannel. And my daughter's old pyjamas. Also flannel. Haven't seen a feather in decades...

  8. Hello, Voice of my Conscience!
    I am seriously in need of new PJs. I require them to be super-comfortable and if possible, fun, without costing more than the clothes I wear to work. :)

  9. I used to only wear boxers and tanks...some cute, some not so cute..until I realized that I didn't want my little 8-year-old son thinking that's what mommies all wear to bed. Since then, I've been wearing cute silk or sateen pj's - either drawstring shorts or pants with matching tanks...or the above mentioned men's style silk pj's. I love shorts and long sleeve tops in silk the best! Nordstrom in the states has a great pj department and I also love a store called Soma. I think it's soma.com...great comfy stuff!

  10. I am a PJ gal. I loathe nightgowns. And cotton over silk or satin. When I sleep I want comfy and not sexy. I have nightgowns, I just don't wear them for sleeping.;-)
    Have a lovely weekend and sweet dreams!

  11. Ha !... loved all your comments although Mr SE is now sulking that I don't wear a black negligee as described by HOTHB!!

    Julienne - your nightwear sounds very comfortable and comforting too....

    Kathy - sure your pjs are v. smart (whilst you wear them!)

    HOTHB - see above - my first comment! (traitor!)

    LPC - of course... the sturdy gal! (good!)

    Struggler - am sure you will find some lovely pj's out there and not too expensive either.

    B.50 - thanks for the tip - will look up soma.com.

    LBR - a PJ girl... but also nightgowns!!

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend....

  12. I'd love to say the first, but I am also a PJ girl, especially in the midst of winter as I find it so hard to get warm.



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