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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Lavandula Farm

After the post I did yesterday about gardens in England I thought of such a beautiful one here in Australia in Victoria around and hour and half or so outside of the city of Melbourne. We normally go there at least twice a year but I have to say the last time was just over a year ago... feel we most definitely have to go back in the next month. It is a Lavender farm by the name of Lavandula and it describes itself as a Swiss Italian Farm... more from their website HERE... There are the most beautiful gardens and a wonderful old barn from which they sell products they make from their crop ...

There is also a fabulous trattoria serving delicious lunches and teas and it is wonderful to sit outside enjoying your food alfresco... Also you can take a picnic and find a shady spot of your own if you preferred. We have done both and each is equally lovely.

A lovely old building in the grounds .....

and an old 'moi' in the grounds also! I put this one in as I just LOVE the tall pencil shaped trees in the background.

A small excerpt from their Website .......

Lavandula is a very European experience.
It looks beautiful, it’s Italian, it lifts the heart.
Out in the countryside ten minutes north of Daylesford, drive over the creek, walk up a poplar-lined driveway. You'll find around the cobbled courtyard a cluster of farmhouse buildings: the house, the Barn, and the Stillroom. Italian-speaking Swiss immigrants built in golden stone and ran a dairy farm from the 1860s.
Twenty years ago Carol White bought the property and was inspired to re-create the traditional mixed farm lifestyle of those earlier settlers. The stone farmhouse has been restored and lived in. Now you can admire its superb simple rural Italian architecture.
Beyond the rustica is La Trattoria, the café where you lunch al fresco in the ash grove or snug inside a timber building or in the cool stone loggia.
Look up. There’s the garden, lavender fields, farmyard, the olive & chestnut groves, the vineyard - and in the distance the ancient volcano that delivered the good soil. The garden was designed to enhance Lavandula’s Italian style and seasonally grows food for the café.
You can walk, sit, picnic, play boules, or the children can seek out farm animals. At the moment we have goslings. Let's hope the farm dog, Flora Macdonald, protects them from the Basalt eagle.
Explore, relax. Feel the grass between your toes.
Listen to the birdsong.

It really is a most peaceful and wonderful place to go for a day. Oh, and they also have gorgeous accommodation available should you not be able to tear yourself away... Yes, it's high time we went back for a re-visit I think.


  1. Sarah what a gorgeous place to escape to...lucky you...and Old? Hardly darling...your as gorgeous as ever :) x

  2. I can see the lavender rippling in the breeze, like a puple sea releasing it's wonderful fragrance. I want to be there, now!

  3. Yes please! After the week I have just had that sounds like heaven on earth!

  4. Sarah, what a great post and I love your photos.
    I can smell the lavender, in fact, wait, it is from the lavender candle I am burning from The Real Flower Company...wonderful, thank you!

    Great pic of you...Helen Kaminsky hat?
    I only ask because I have the same one. Looks great on you!
    At this moment, I would rather be thinking of summer hats!
    Thanks for your comments on my post,
    always great to hear from you!

    Jeanne x

  5. SO pretty! Australia is on my list of must-see's before I die! I have a good friend that lived there for a time, as well as many other places in the world, and it's her absolutely favorite place. Lucky for you to be able to spend so much time there.
    Beautiful pics! Thank you!

  6. I just love lavender. I wonder if they'd be OK with me bringing a blanket and taking a nap after lunch?

  7. A wonderful post for a dreary day, thank you.

  8. Sarah - this looks beautiful - I can smell the lavender from here (I wish!) By the way, I found out yeaterday that Sarah Raven is appearing at the Bath Literary Festival in a couple of weeks so am thinking of going...hope you are having a great week and not suffering from the humidity down there as much as Sydney is - 98% we heard...OMG! Susie x

  9. Lavandula Farm looks devine, there is so much beauty in the world, one of the good things about being an ex-pat is seeing all of this beauty :-).

  10. You look divine. I want my own farm.

  11. The purple field of lavendar under the bright azure sky took my breath away...I love the picture of you wearing hat. It looks very summery and chic.

  12. There is almost nothing I like more than lavender. Almost nothing at all.

  13. Anna - yes its such a great place and thank you for your kind comments too.

    Dash - you have wonderful lavender in France too, non?

    Julienne - sorry your week's been hard - lavender is very calming all round.

    Jeanne - no it is not a Helen K hat - I actually bought it years ago in a French Market - (I do love her HK hats though)

    B50 - thank you for dropping by and your comments too - you would love Australia I am sure...

    Struggler - yes, there would be plenty of places for you to relax and have a snooze!

    James - so glad you like it.

  14. Susie - oh do go and see Sarah R if you can she speaks in such an entertaining way...

    Janet - its so gorgeous - you'd love it I am sure.

    SWIT - thank you...

    Kathy - so agree so many lovely things to see in the world.

    FF - thank you and I am sure one day you will have your farm.

    ASD - thank you - and for your kind comments too.

    LPC - so agree - lavender is soothing to so many of the senses. Just beautiful.

  15. Love the images of the lavender fields. having grown in tyhe Southwest of France, that sweet wonderful scent has stayed with me for ever


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