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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Linen Press

The Linen Press is another one of my favourite UK companies for lovely quality and competitively priced items mainly for the home but they also carry a small range of linen and cashmere clothing too. They are I believe just an online company - I am not 100% sure that they send overseas but I am sure that if you contacted them they would be more than happy to. I have always found them to be most accommodating.

They have a wonderful selection of ticking items in black and white - this ironing board cover is well padded and I love its 'retro look' too. It works extremely well giving a good insulating layer - this is from personal experience as I bought it ages ago and brightens up the chore of ironing no end!

I also have this ticking tablecloth.....

And, oh yes, this too - bathmat trimmed in linen. They are a really nice generous size.

A selection of their bedding - they do pure linen as above, also Irish linen - very special - believe this one is called "Chatterley" (hence the wellington/gardening boots, perhaps! )

This is a lovely range - pure cotton with a linen trim.... I have this set too...

So I have shown you just a small selection of the items that they do... definitely well worth a look at their website for more ... Their pure goose down duvets ( known as doonas here in Oz - rather like that name I have to say!) are absolute luxury - as light as feathers but so warm and snugly too.
Rather makes me wish I was somewhere cold right now!


  1. Oh Dear God in Heaven the ATTRACTIVENESS! Where are and how are your Chanel shoes????

  2. Oh, you do make me laugh.... !! The dear little shoesies are here safely in all their gorgeousness !!! I have walked around the house in them all weekend! (but I thought I'd Chanel-ed out the blog.. so did not post a pic. of them !)You are so sweet remembering...X

  3. No you really dont want to be here now!!

    I'm going over to their website asap!
    Enjoy the warmth of Australia.

  4. Oh my god I want to lay in that bed right now! Those linens look deliciously comfy:) x LZ

  5. Your post made me smile, we have a 15 tog feather duvet on our bed and one of those portugeuse type bedspreads. Mr FF loves being sunuggled up :-) All our linen is white cotton and the duvet cover has one piece of lace that goes across it, it is pretty but a devil to iron.

    And it even has a piece that you tuck under the mattress to hold it in place which is very french.

    A bientot, Leeann x

  6. Isn't it lovely and maddening in equal measure when one finds a website full of beautiful things that we want. Lovely because we can see all these gorgeous things and maddening because it usually coincides with being on the occasional economy drive.

    I'm a sucker for linen sites and my favourite is The White Company

  7. May have to betray the White Company and try something new next time I'm buying bed linen...this looks lovely....Susie x

  8. Very nice, and I love that they took their bedding outdoors to photograph it!

  9. I can never, never get enough beautiful linens. These are divine. The name of the company is terrific.

    Hope all is well.


  10. I adore gorgeous linen, it is essential for that feeling of wellbeing. If you love ticking when you are next in the UK you should check out Ian Mankin, he's one of the masters of ticking. Very glad to have found you..

  11. Maria - hope you enjoyed looking at their website.

    Emily - welcome thanks for dropping by and yr comment - the linens are sooo comfy!

    FF - LOVE the sound of your french bedding - gorgeous!

    French Fancy - yes, I like White CO. too and have bought from them too. And thanks for dropping by and your comments - welcome!

  12. Susie - you will love this linen I am sure!

    Struggler - yes, thought it was quite novel photographing 'au naturel' so to speak!

    Tish - glad you like them and do hope your computer/blog has stopped "playing up" and you are back to normal there en France!

    NWestGirl - welcome to the blog - thank you for following and for your comment... LOVE Ian Mankin's tickings - have used them in the past but def. feel a visit due there next time I am back - have not been for ages so thanks for the reminder!


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