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Friday, January 29, 2010

A favourite artist

I first bought one of Eric Masefield's paintings around 12 years or so ago. Then he was only exhibiting and selling through one small gallery in Rye in East Sussex, (UK) so I am delighted to see that not only is he still churning out the work but that much of it on this gallery's website - Castle Arts is already sold. I say still churning out because Eric Masefield came to painting quite late in life - well after he retired..... I have two of his beach scene paintings and three earlier works of his - still life pieces depicting vegetables and fruit which I have hanging in the kitchen of our cottage in UK.

Here are some images from Castle Arts website. Click on either of these links if you would like to see more of his work though.

Daisy and Buddy (SOLD)

Sunday Lunch (LOVE this one)

Walking by the Sea II


I also had the pleasure of meeting him once and visited him at his house where I bought a couple of paintings straight off the wall of his dining room! He was such a charming man and I am so pleased that he has the success of having his work stocked by major galleries and selling it too... Wonderful.

A good weekend to one and all.


  1. Hello dear friend!

    I have just had a read of all of your previous posts and am now up to date with all of your news! Looks like you had a nice Australia day?!

    I just love your comment to the spammer too-good on you!!!

    well, now I am off to look at that Kate Forman site-those pictures are amazing.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend and I will be back soon!

    Warmest wishes, Natasha.

  2. How peaceful are these paintings ... I will check out the website.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Very nice paintings, nice blog too!

  4. These remind me of a cover of a book I have - it's an old copy of The Shell Seekers...I would love a couple of these on my wall...thank you so much for your empathy & thoughts - sorry, didn't mean to start you off as well!!! Happy weekend - hope you are doing something fun...Susie x

  5. These paintings are so very different than the ones I normally get to see. Maybe it is the scenery, which is so different. The colors are quite light too. I like paintings,which leave an unfinished feeling. Maybe in Australia or likes, these would look just perfect.

  6. You're right, Sunday Lunch is wonderful!

  7. What beautiful serene paintings and a lovely story, congrats to Mr Masefields. Kathyx

  8. My name is Rebecca and I am also an ex-Pat Brit, running an art gallery in the USA. Eric Masefield is my father, with whom I lost contact when my parents divorced years ago and I have been trying to locate him for some time. I Googled him just now and came up with your blog. I am delighted and relieved to gather that he is alive and well!

    I wonder if you would contact me privately by email? Yes, I know this sounds weird but, believe me, it's taking some courage to post this on a public site, and I wouldn't trouble you if I was able to think of any other way to find him! I can tell you things that will prove our relationship, that isn't public knowledge ... you can email me at thelinkgallery@gmail.com


    Rebecca Barrett

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