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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yesterday evening - the Chanel Bash

So sorry that I have kept you waiting to hear about this marvellous soiree but I had to return to the scene of the crime today in order to take a few photographs... I didn't think that my enormous Canon camera (Mr SE has the small slimline camera at the moment) would somehow have looked 'right' at the event last night but in retrospect I should have done - plenty of others did! So to begin with - above and below - photographs of the invitation (and they were very strict about making sure one was on the list I may add......)

The invitation reads : "To celebrate the spirit of Chanel as it pays homage to Australia's No.1 pastime - Sport"....

Well, what can I say? And pay homage they did - I was in heaven. As far as I was concerned it was the most fun a girl could have had in one evening. Legally.

You can see from this photograph that shopping mall is not just any old shopping mall - it is a new extension especially for luxury brands so Chanel sits happily with its equally prestigious neighbours Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Prada et al. ... The finish is very high end and everything seems to gleam - the floor, the walls the shining art structures - just gorgeous.

The party began outside the shop in a special sectioned off area - there were glasses of French champagne, dainty morsels of deliciousness handed round on trays by smart waiting staff, music (professionally "mixed" by an upmarket DJ with turntables) and a plethora of "beautiful young things" . The boys handsome, some sporting quirky little touches like Chanel brooches on their lapels and the girls showing off tanned long legs on vertiginous heels, red lipped and swinging their handbags from shoulders.... It was a veritable smorgasbord for people watching and I indulged unashamedly in this pursuit lapping up every single minute. There was such a buzz and it was so wonderful to be a part of it all - I have never seen so much Chanel on show in one place in my life (and I don't mean in the shop!)

When we left (and this was the surprise I talked about earlier today in my first post) we were handed little 'goody' bags.... I was so excited to be given a little Chanel carrier bag so you can imagine how this Semi Expat felt when she looked inside to see a gorgeous square be-ribboned Chanel box......
And in the box was this !!!!!!!!!

An iconic Chanel camellia brooch in royal blue...... Yes, dear readers - the real deal - how utterly generous of Chanel Australia.

And in the words of my dear late grandmother - "I think we were all extremely LUCKY chickens" .


  1. how awesome to get a suprise present!!
    the brooch is fabulous!
    i saw them setting up for the even when i was shopping yesterday.
    the setup looked impressive!

  2. Cotton Socks - welcome - thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! You can be my witness then that I am not going too over the top on the descriptive side of it all! Glad you saw it.

  3. Oh how breathtaking! The whole event sounds delicious, lucky chicken you!

  4. Wow, best freebie ever! And I love your use of 'smorgsabord'; that gave me a very vivid mental picture of the hob-nobbing you enjoyed!

  5. You have wickedly good kharma with your party favor boxes. First hermes....now Chanel. Love the brooch!

  6. So envious!!!


  7. Hope you're wearing the camelia brooch! I finally got round to adding your award to my blog, so thanks again - and sorry didn't manage the cut-and-paste Q&A. I'm not worthy......

  8. HoTHB - yes how lucky we were! Could not believe it...

    Struggler - hobnobbing oui - sort of felt I that any minute they would say - 'Excuse me but you actually should not be here!'

    BM - oh yes... twice now - will these things run in 3's I wonder - do hope so..

    She Wore it Well - thanks for dropping by and the comment too - love you blog btw.

    TNMA - have not worn it yet but will do soon (even though I have to admit don't wear a lot of blue - apart from jeans) but won't let that stop me and don't worry about the Q and A's !


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