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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11/11 - A day of Remembering

The 11th Day of the 11th Month....
A day of remembering..... Remembrance Day, Veterans Day or, as it is affectionately known here in UK - Poppy Day...

Remembering those who have given their lives in service for their country in the hope that one day there will be peace in the world. Remembering those who are in combat in war torn areas today and particularly remembering families who have lost loved ones through war.

And, if I may, on a personal level remember that 19 years ago today my Dearest, Darling, Daughter, POPPY came into the world...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART......


  1. Happy birthday, Poppy. What a lovely name!

    Veterans Day, of course, is a big occasion in the US but I do miss wearing my poppy at this time of year.

  2. Happy Birthday Poppy! Is there an association with the day or did you just love the name? It was one of the names I loved when my D.I. L was compiling a list of names for her new daughter born two weeks ago but as their surname is Day they just couldn't be so cruel! They setttled on Lola instead.....
    Incidentally, my posts don't seem to update on your blog?? It's still showing the first one...is it something I have done (or haven't)?
    Love Susie x

  3. Thank you, Tish and for your comments too, Stuggler and yours too Susie...
    Yes can imagine that the baby would not have thanked them when older!! Lola gorgeous name though.
    Yes, I was worried your blogs don't update on my blog.. I have to go into the title each time... Maybe its something I have done.? Have tried to see... - anyone got any ideas?


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