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Friday, November 20, 2009

My two favourite houses in the street

The area we live in Melbourne (Canterbury) has some gorgeous old origninal weather-boarded houses and these two which I photographed today (sorry, one is on a slant - was worried about inhabitants rushing out and demanding what I was up to and so I had to take them pretty pronto!) are my absolute favourites.

Our house is at the top of the street and the local shops and station etc. are at the bottom so most days I walk past these two houses at least twice! They definitely have my vote as the 'winners' of the 'Prettiest Houses' award and yes please I wouldn't mind either! Think that they both have swimming pools too - in No.1 you can just see it on the right hand side .... but don't you just love the trellis covered with greenery on the No.2 house - I think it is jasmine as it is also covered with white little star like flowers at the moment...
Sigh.... just beautiful!
Happy Weekend to all.....


  1. These are so lovely! I had no idea the architecture in Melbourne was so beautiful.
    If you are nosey (like me) and want to know for sure about the swimming pool situation, try the satellite view on Google maps - I just had a peak and there seems to be good coverage of the Canterbury neighbourhood!

  2. Thought I'd nip over and say hello - what a lovely blog, can feel yet more of my time slipping away immersed in your lovely pictures. Just try not to mention the temperature again to those of us STILL in chilly drizzly England. I love Melbourne, these houses are exquisite!

  3. Brilliant idea, Struggler... :-) - like that one definintely thanks...
    And a warm welcome to you ELS and thanks for popping over to say hello too. Really, I promise you would NOT like the temperature - yesterday was a bit like a sauna, overcast and muggy - and no sun... (hope that makes you feel a bit better) And besides its just not 'right' seeing F.Christmas and entourage of reindeer in these temperatures!


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