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Friday, November 13, 2009

The Perfumery in Melbourne

Meanwhile, back in Melbourne they are GEARING UP for Christmas in a big way at Peony (see above - the boutique perfumery that started me on this blog journey originally!) with these lovely window displays......
Mr SE went in last weekend and took a few photographs for me - there is a Christmas tree full of little birds including owls - a rather 'Harry Potter' theme and I rather like this black and gold chair display in the other window too...
Jill at Peony has already been really busy and has asked for my help there when I return which of course I am only to happy to do.

Soon, I will have another change and be returning back to my Semi-Expat life - my time in UK seems to have flown by this time.
A demain....


  1. Dear Sarah - looks as if you are going to be busy, busy when you get back & am sure you are having those feelings so familiar to me of excitement to be going, getting caught up in the preparation for leaving yet apprehensive...I still think it's the perfect way to spend the year and certainly never gets boring! Love Susie x

  2. Goodness, you're heading back already? That really has flown by. I love all those owls on the tree!

  3. Yes, exactly Susie, preparing and apprehension and organising too!!
    And you are so right Struggler - where has the time gone? AND Chris Evans hasn't begun on the Breakfast slot yet so I can't report on that phenomena!!


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