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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bargain Oil Painting

I do love a good bargain (who doesn't?) and when it is an antique too it is even BETTER!!

Photographed above is my still life oil painting which I found in a Charity Shop, or, as they call them over here in Australia, Op. Shops ......
There I was just walking along looking into shop windows as is my wont when I spied this - well, as fast as I could I rushed in and slapped down my $Aus. 30 which was the marked price..... In other currencies of the world this is approx. $USA =27.50 Euros = 18.50 and UK pounds = 17 so you can see - absolute bargain!

I also happen to love still life oil paintings of food and this gorgeous one is of mushrooms - we have it positioned at the entrance to the kitchen and it gives me such pleasure looking at it each time I walk by and doubly so knowing that it was such a good bargain...


  1. Seventeed quid for that gem!!?? Am green with envy, nothing better than a junk shop art bargain.
    Thanks for the visits and your lovely words!

  2. Hi Sarah - love your picture & am going to rush off and get a bottle of the Nivea tanning lotion - thought I had tried and tested them all. I didn't think one existed which didn't have me apologising to everyone who came a bit too close for the odd odour!! Susie x

  3. It's wonderful. I love it, I love it, I love it. Good for you.


  4. Thank you all.... am really fond of it too x


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