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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From Singapore (incidentally, also place of my birth!)

Hello all....
I could not resist the chance to post from halfway across the world and I am writing to you from the Qantas Lounge in Singapore..... (I am now allowed the privilege of having a 'gold card' as Mr SE has clocked up so many airmiles over Australia and although I am not actually flying business I can use the Business Lounges all over the world!)...
I have made FULL use of the facilities here and have just enjoyed a lovely shower with Molton Brown supplied products and actually feel 'halfway decent' rather than a washed out rag! Am now relaxing at the computer sipping a tomato juice (such a high life!) whilst writing this and checking out what all my favourite 'bloggers' are up to.
'Only' another 7 hours to go on the next flight from here to Melbourne!
Au Revoir.... x


  1. Hi darling - glad you are (was going to type enjoying but will change it...) surviving the flight...isn't it a glorious feeling to step into that shower and breathe in the steam and scent of that particularly appealing M.B shower gel??!!! Talk to you when you land in the antipodes!! Happy flying...love Susie x

  2. Amazing what a shower can do for morale!
    Even when travelling 'down the back' (which these days is always), I find just brushing my teeth can be a big help too.


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