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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Semi-Expat has returned...

I stepped off the plane early this morning and was out of the airport by 7.15am - the temperature, even for Australian standards at this time of the year, is unseasonably Hot, Hot, Hot! 31 degrees at that time of the morning...! Please, at least give a girl a chance to adjust from a cool and rainy UK to the tropics....

Anyway it was wonderful to see Mr SE (looking very svelte - he has been on a health-kick over the last few weeks!) tanned and handsome waiting for me and to be on the receiving end of a warm, embracing hug and being enveloped in 'his' Cravache fragrance - yes, its good to be back too.

Sorry, I realise that the photograph I have shown is nothing really to do with being back in Oz but I did not get a chance to post it before I left and I really love (and wanted to share!) my new blind that was made just before I left UK... It is made from an original piece of old French mattress ticking that I have had for YEARS.... (I told you I was a hoarder and cannot resist textiles especially) - it even had a little tag on it with the price I paid in FF's - 300.... (think that was quite a bargain at the time ... not really sure now - around 30 pounds?) I was delighted with how it turned out even though I did not have long to appreciate it this time (it only went up last weekend!).....


  1. Welcome (to your other!) home! We have been hearing lots about the very hot weather...I spoke to my friend in Sydney yesterday and they are expecting an extrememly hot summer...look forward to keeping up with events 'down under' - still not certain if I am coming over or not, it's looking likely that T will change her ticket and arrive here on Christmas Day! That will be novel - never spent Christmas Day at Heathrow Airport before! Take care, Love Susie x

  2. Love your blind - vintage, French, a bargain... hard to think of anything more stylish!

  3. I love ticking and this looks perfect as a blind. I love anything that is upcycled too. Very clever!

  4. Thea - thank you and welcome to the blog - thanks for dropping by too....


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