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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Weekend

Beautiful white flowers (you can never go wrong with them!) from The Real Flower Company (see my previous post dated 23rd October) - wishing you all a very happy and wonderful weekend.........


  1. Oh, beautiful roses! Thanks for visiting my empty blog and encouraging me to start moving onwards. Yes, I do have the intention, but am still a bit unsure of my English. You have a very nice blog, and I can see we share a mutual interest on everything beautiful : )

  2. Thank you Metscan - Look forward to your blog when you begin and your English seems perfect!Don't worry... just go for it :-)

  3. Hope your weekend was as gorgeous as those flowers.xoxo

  4. Thank you LBR and also thanks to you Metscan for becoming one of the band of 'followers' too... x


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