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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On a plane (again) - we are gatecrashing Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow Mr SE and I are off to USA.

Well, to be precise, Los Angeles. Silly English people that we are COMPLETELY FORGOT (apologies dear readers from USA) that we are arriving slap bang in the middle of the Thanksgiving Holiday until after we had booked it and by then it was all a done deal etc.!

Mr SE has some meetings in Oklahoma beginning of next week but flying from Australia one goes via LA and so we thought, 'Aha, great idea - lets make it a few days and stay the weekend first in LA....! ' So I ring up a friend in LA and say "We are coming over to see you - that ok?" "Yeeaaahy" she replies "It will be a mad house - but the more the merrier and by the way,- you won't get much sleep..." And so, just when I thought I'd banished my jet lag here comes some more with bells on!

However, it will be so worth it and wonderful to see my friend in Los Angeles whom I have not seen for nearly 30 years - amazing!! We were just young twenty somethings the last time we set eyes on each other when I lived in California. I am excited, and a little nervous too.... - Will we still get on? Will she be the same? She certainly looks just the same in photographs - I am sure that time has not been so kind to me and Americans are far better, aren't they, in knowing how to 'hold back the years'... ?

Perhaps I am worrying unnecessarily and I should be thankful particularly at this time of year that we are all still here and have our health and I am seeing someone again who when I was twenty years old taught me many things about living on my own and coping alone at that tender age (even though she was a little younger than me!) .... These things included amongst loads of others how to look after my car (sans homme!) check and top up the oil and steam clean the engine too ! She was, and I am sure she still is a resourceful, confident and 'together' lady!! They were such wonderful, carefree days and I am so grateful and happy that I have the opportunity to see her again..... Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow!


  1. I hope that you have a safe and fabulous trip. How exciting to be there for Thanksgiving! I am so jealous. We are going to LA in January-we love it over there and can't wait to get there.
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  2. Hi Sarah - have a fantastic time..look forward to hearing all about it! How wonderful for you to catch up with an old friend after all this time, particularly one you hold such fond memories of and obviously taught you so much -
    safe trip, Love Susie x

  3. Lucky you! Wishing you a very fabulous time - cannot wait to hear all about it!

    Bon voyage

    Leeann x

  4. Thank you so much Natasha, Susie and Leeann - will let you know all about it with some posts from USA too hopefully!


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