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Monday, November 23, 2009

Semi Expat Recommends Two Products

And each of these is at either end of the spectrum for your money.....!!

First up is Nivea Firming Gradual Tan Body Lotion.....Yes, I know there are many of these type of lotions on the market but this one is really fabulous - reasonable fragrance (sort of a bit like apricots but quite mild), great NATURAL looking colour (not like an apricot or an orange!) and best of all you don't experience that awful 'wet dog' smell that some of these self tanning lotions give off!! Also HUGE BONUS - have found from experience that you can use this on your face too to give a wonderful glow ..... (far cheaper than say, Clarins special moisturisers with tan for the face ).

I have used it in the Winter to ward off any pallor and am enjoying it now in Australia in the Summer here.... (especially as I won't go out in the sun here much and now never 'sunbathe' per se or, as they say in Oz "sunbake" - that description makes me smile!! ) And, big plus - it's cheap as chips too!

Next on the beauty list at the other end and for much $$$$ is Guerlain's Midnight Secret....

Yes, I know it is very expensive but if you use a little when you absolutely need to it really is wonderful... (and not be tempted to use it EVERY night like I am ... Slightly!)

I bought some duty free recently so the price was a little less "ouch" but it has really helped with my skin's moisture levels after flying and as the blurb on the packaging says acts like "sleep in a bottle" - but obviously NOT a replacement for sleep!! I found my skin looks more even and less 'mottled' and is plumped up and fully moisturised .......

Are there any products you would not be without and recommend - do tell!


  1. Wait a minute here. Are we talking firming as in FIRMING(?) How long does it last? Do they both work equally well?

    I trust you so be very specific.


  2. I'm a real cheapskate when it comes to skincare, so the Nivea product really appeals to me (hooray for no doggie smells!).
    Every so often I see a photo and wonder when my eyes started to wrinkle, so maybe I'll have to invest a bit more time and money in this department very soon!

  3. Tish... OK.. specificness coming up!!
    Re : The Nivea Firming Gradual Tanning Moisture lotion.. this is an amazing product - its meant really just for the body where, yes, I think it does a fairly good job of 'firming' (has to work a bit 'overtime' on my body!) but its on the face where it comes into its own..! Use at night (and if you tend to have dryish skin I would apply it to cleansed face then wait 5 mins or so before patting on a light application of usual night cream)...Wake up in morning and bound to mirror to see subtle colour and firmed contours of face!!
    (Colour lasts for a few days but I apply on face and body every other day and continous colour is achieved)
    Product No.2 - The Guerlain's Issima Midnight Secret - Yes, this does work equally well but in a different way for the face only...Really for 'high days and holidays' or if you have a late night and know that you are going to look like 'Sh-one-T' in the morning... apply and hey presto - really not bad at all (or looking better than you feel probably) And, perfect when doing a long haul flight too...
    Struggler - do buy the Nivea one ... you won't regret it but not sure it will help specifically with eyes though... will have to look into good alternative at reasonable cost for you! (hear that Avon's Renew or Anew or whatever it is is for eyes has had good results.)


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