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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Checking out a University (and a great shop on the return journey)

Sorry (again!) to post so late in the day but I have just returned from a trip to the county of Warwickshire and the University of Warwick in the heart of Shakespeare's country..... Dearest, Darling, Daughter and I went up yesterday to stay wtih a friend in Stratford Upon Avon and this morning drove the 20 mins or so from there to Warwick University as it is one on her 'list'........

I thought it was great. Well set out campus, good facilities, modern (maybe not so beautiful though) buildings, plenty of green spaces, reasonable student acommodation on campus and a great Arts Building too... However, - when will I ever learn that to say that I like something immediately puts the 'kiss of death' on it in her mind??!
Ah well, maybe it will NOT be on the list much longer - her father is taking her to see Durham University next week... watch this space!

However, on the return journey we stopped at this lovely place this afternoon (first photo) - great antiques and full of gorgeous Emma Bridgewater pottery too - check it out on www.emmabridgewater.co.uk. (Some of which is shown on an antique dresser there - her Union Jack range and her Starry Skies range - second photograph). They also stocked the most wonderful array of Belgian Linen too.....(I'm afraid I gave in to the Linen and bought two beautiful pillowcases - will post a pic. very soon) ....
A demain...


  1. I am one of those new people who has just found your blog...and loving it!
    Happy days to you whilst in The UK.
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  2. Hi Sarah - hope you are recovered from the university visit - having been down that road, I know exactly what you mean about your approval meaning the instant kiss of death!!!Daughters!!! I had mine on the phone from Sydney yesterday at 1.00 a.m. to tell me she had just accidentally deleted her study notes for an exam starting the next morning! (What was she thinking of??!!) Look forward to seeing you at w/e. Love Susie x

  3. The good news is, even if you think you're posting late in the day, there's a blogger somewhere in the world for whom it's morning!

    I remember going to look at Warwick and being a bit put off by the local town of Coventry (yes, OK, Coventry readers, you can hate me now). Having grown up in Cambridge, general surroundings were, I'm afraid, rather important to me. I ended up at Canterbury.

    My brother went to Durham which is a beautiful town - I loved it when I visited although I remember it got chilly in winter! Hope DDD finds somewhere she loves.


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