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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Indigo (but not the colour)

I will be posting today but later on this evening as I am just rushing off here to work......
This is Indigo Antiques - a wonderful place stuffed full to the brim with all kinds of interesting pieces and gifts and accessories....
It is all 'hands on deck' as we are preparing for the Christmas Open Day on Saturday - delicious food and drinks are served and our customers make a start on their Christmas shopping... It is usually so very busy and I spend the day helping people with decisions and also at the cash till taking £££ and wrapping...
Till later when I will tell you a little about some of the items there.
p.s. If you can't wait till later have a sneak preview at www.indigo-uk.com

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  1. Since I'm so far behind with my reading (trying to stick to reverse order!) I admit that I peeked at the website. Love some of those lamps - very beautiful.


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