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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A little shopping till we were (almost!) dropping

Well, yesterday - the day after Thanksgiving was a huge shopping day in USA and we found out it was called 'Black Friday' - not sure exactly why (probably because the stores hope that they will be in the 'black' rather than the 'red'!) - but there were bargains galore and people were apparently in queues waiting for shops to open before the crack of dawn (not us, I may add)... However, we went to such a pretty place for shopping which was of course decorated already so beautifully for Christmas with an enormous tree too.......... We did find our share of bargains and bought the items which are a 'must' on a shopping list when in USA - Kiehls products (also had another 20% off too), denim jeans, and some great leather items too.

Santa's 'house'/grotto at the shopping centre...(above)

The giant tree - above with red, silver and gold baubles...

And fantastic water fountains which 'danced' to the music on the hour - what a great show... - We just had to come back in the evening when it was dark to see the lights.

And photo above - thousands upon thousands of little white lights in the trees and strung across the road too(my absolute favourite - just beautiful).

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  1. I loved seeing your shopping pics! Nothing like good times and retail therapy with old friends.


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