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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On my Christmas wish list

This is what I would so love to find in my Christmas stocking on 25th December.... - wonder if Santa will be willing?
(It's from what was once known as quite an 'old-fashioned' company - Aspinal of London, - but if this wallet is anything to go by I think that they have definitely had a 'makeover'!)
Have you started to compile a list for Santa yet?


  1. Hi Sarah - this would be a great reminder of home when doing your groceries at Woolies!! Guess what? I have started a blog!!!! Looking forward to catching up with you soon (maybe include a bit of 'blog tutoring'??!!!!)
    Love Susie

  2. Great!!! And, I have already signed up to become your first follower - am sure you will have some more too :-) xx

  3. However, not sure about the 'Blog tutoring' - I feel a bit of technological twit at times - maybe a case of the blind leading the blind but will help if I can!!!

  4. Ah, ha, so your name is Sarah. What is Anoninoz?

    I'm off subject per usual. I love your wallet. I hope you get it. Make sure the right people are paying attention. Hint your little heart out.

    Merci for your lovely comments for the blog birthday. You're the best.

  5. Tish - thank you - most definitely will... Anoninoz is something I once wrote on "Une's" blog before I had a 'profile' (and was one of those Anonymous commenters.) I wrote my first comment there and said it was from 'Anon. in Oz' - so when I eventually made my profile decided to put them together (as could not think of anything else at the time!) and call myself 'Anoninoz'!
    Hope you enjoyed the non-calorific blog gateau for your birthday too - you are too kind dear Tish...!


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