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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Here we are in Los Angeles

Happy Thanksgiving from Los Angeles.....

Here is the second post on the same day from a different country... is this a first I wonder??

We arrrived first thing at LAX to a completely packed airport and my dear friend was there waiting for us at 7am and since then (apart from short nap this morning) we haven't stopped chatting all day and have had such a delicious and wonderful Thanksgiving dinner too... Am totally exhausted and now am just about ready to call it a day at just after 8pm...

Will post more about the area etc. tomorrow - apparently tomorrow there are big sales on in all the shops - wonder what we should do???


  1. You must go shopping of course! Black Friday is THE best day to hit the shops...I am so jealous!!!!
    So glad you have been having fun...another stinking hot day here in Oz!
    Best wishes and happy shopping, Natasha.

  2. Natasha thank you so much we had such a great day will post sone photos etc tomorrow! X


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