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Friday, November 6, 2009

Antiques at Indigo

Well, as promised, I am posting for today, albiet a little late as I was at Indigo all day preparing for our Open Day at the weekend...
Indigo is small company housed in a large complex of old Dairy barns in the Wiltshire countryside but they have a big reputation...
As well as many retail customers we also sell to large department stores in London and buyers from abroad. Indigo have also supplied big productions (films etc.) with pieces for sets and at the moment are in the process of fitting out a large liner which is due to set sail in 2010.
I am really lucky in that when I am back from Australia I am called upon to work with them again as they are (happily for me!) pleased to welcome me back to the fold and anxious for help especially with days such as the Open Day Christmas Preview.

I have taken the following description directly from the Indigo website :

Established by Richard Lightbown and Marion Bender, Indigo is a small company which takes pride in quality. We have been importing & restoring antique furniture from India, China, Japan & Indonesia for more than 20 years supplying both trade & retail customers
All of our furniture is individually selected by ourselves, at source, on the basis of originality & patination.
We restore all furniture in our own workshops in Wiltshire.
We always carry a large selection of antique furniture, architectural antiques, textiles & smaller collectibles. Restoration can be carried out to your own taste or requirements.
A small range of reproduction furniture is also available.
The majority of our antique furniture dates from the 19th century, although some pieces are 18th & early 20th century.

I think that just about sums up the company - the first photographs are all directly from the website showing a few of the type of things stocked from small pieces and decorative antiques to larger pieces of furniture and the last photograph shows my red cabinet from them.... It is a Chinese Wedding cabinet - very decorative and also extrememly practical for storage....
So there we are... a little introduction and there will be no doubt another busy day there tomorrow too...


  1. Looks like a very interesting place to work. I had a lot of Indian antique pieces of furniture when I was living in Dubai. Infact I have just sold an Indian trunk to a friend that is the same as the one that you have in the first photo.

    A bientot,


  2. Thank you so much for all your encouragement - looking forward to seeing it all for myself at the weekend & to catching up soon! Hope you have another lovely (if busy) day! Love Susie x

  3. I love Asian antiques. So does my mother - she has tansu chests and a coffee table made from an old Indian ox cart...

  4. Wow, you get to work at such cool places! Hope the Christmas season got off to a great start.


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