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Thursday, January 21, 2010

And the winners are.....

Small roll of drums..........

Here are all your names on little pieces of paper and my hat (as featured in my Semi Expat photo) all ready for me to put the names into -all folded up.......

And here I am delving in to pick out the first of two winners... I promise you it was all done in a very fair manner even though of course there was no independent adjudicator.....

So without further ado the two lucky winners - each receiving TWO sheets of the lovely Paris Map paper are :



Congratulations....I wish I could have sent you all some, that's the only trouble with giveaways, there can only be one (or two in this case!) winners.... So if the winners can email me when they have a minute with their addresses I will send the prizes.... (sjstubbs@tiscali.co.uk)

Later on I will post again today to tell you all about the Chanel Bash last night - it was wonderful and there was a special surprise too!


  1. Many congrats to Struggler and Collage of Life, I will pop back later to read all about the Channel Bash. Kathy

  2. Well even though I didn't win, I do love the hat and your nails!

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

    Can't wait to hear about the Chanel party. You are a busy bee aren't you! I can't keep up with you these days.

    See you next time,

  4. Kathy, James and Natasha - how kind you are commenting even though you were not the winners...
    Kathy hope you enjoy my description of the Chanel bash - was a bit laste posting it...

    James thank you for nice compliments - am getting quite fond of the nail colour now!

    Natasha - yes, have been quite busy over the holidays and again hope you enjoy reading about the soiree...

  5. Ooh, thank you so much! Can't believe I missed this post - I was too starstruck by your Chanel experiences. You have seriously brightened up my day (and you know already why it might be a little gloomy!).
    Your nail varnish looks truly fab. I might have to try some... although I keep my nails very short so am not sure how that would look.
    Thank you again, how FAB !!

  6. Struggler - so pleased you are happy - will be winging its way to you next week... And, by the way this colour polish actually looks equally good on short nails !


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