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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Celebration Time - Come On! A GIVEAWAY.....

So said Kool and the Gang (circa 1980 I believe!) Well there is a double celebration here today as not only is it my 51st birthday but this is also my 100 th post since I started 'Semi Expat in Oz'....

I am amazed and delighted at how much I have been caught up in the sheer enjoyment of blogging. And 'meeting' and connecting with such wonderful people through this whole new experience has made it such a fulfilling pastime - thank you, thank you all.

So, to mark this occasion and my birthday, there is going to be a little give away! To enter is easy - all you have to do is to become a follower (if you are not one already) and make a comment at the end of this post saying why you might like to be a winner of one of TWO prizes! (both the same)...

So - tah dah!! Here is the giveaway (well, this is not the actual one - the ones I send out will be pristine, promise!) 2 sets of 2 sheets of this gorgeous quality paper printed in black and white depicting an old map of Paris... It really is lovely and we use it at Peony to wrap gifts but, you could cover a book or two with it, or a keepsake box or even just frame it - the possibilities are endless.

Isn't it beautiful? I will send the sheets out rolled up in a cardboard tube so they will reach you in good condition and this is open to everyone no matter where you live... I will draw the winners out of a hat at midday (Australian time) Thursday 21st January.
I have had such a wonderful day and been taken out to the lovely city of Melbourne by my good friend Miss J (owner of Peony) for a little retail browsing and therapy and I was treated to a delicious lunch too.... I feel a very lucky and happy Semi Expat indeed.
So, get commenting and good luck!


  1. Happy Birthday! I am SHOCKED about your age you look at least 12 years younger. Well done! There seems to be a huge amount of Good Looks and Glamour going down with Women of a Certain Age at the Moment- the Golden Globes were littered with them-Sophia Loren, Helen Mirren, Sigourney Weaver, Meryl Streep....Wishing you a lhappy year. I deserve the wrapping paper because I'm the 1st person to comment and my favourite meals were eaten in Paris. Baet Wishes, Kirstin (my Real Name) xxxx

  2. Wow, it's your birthday! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!

    When did you redesign the blog? It looks gorgeous! I have been away for a while so have lots of things to catch up on.

    Hope that all is well your way and best wishes again.

    Love Natasha.

  3. Dear Sarah - Happy (belated) Birthday as we are a day behind...! Glad to hear that you had a special day...wishing you a wonderful year ahead filled with all good things - hope I might even get to catch up with you in Melb sometime soon! Love Susie x

  4. Kirstin - I am blushing - how kind of you you have made my day! Thank you. Wish I was that much younger though! And wish I had recorded the G Globes - will have to wait till the mags come out with the photos...

    Natasha - welcome back - I have not really redesigned blog - just played about with fonts and colours etc. but glad you like it and thanks for the wishes too.

    Susie - thank you for bday greetings no, not belated -it's still 19th Jan here in Oz - at least for the next 1.5 hours.! Would be good to see you here soon.

  5. Hello Sarah,

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday. Love the paper so am hoping that I win a sheet of it, it is fabulous.

    A bientot,

    Leeann x

  6. Sarah..Happy Birthday!! Best wishes for a wonderful, wonderful day!
    50+ is the best :)
    Paper is beautiful...lots of creative things that can be done with that!
    Jeanne xo

  7. Happy Birthday! I found you via Faux Fuchsia, and I am delighted to read your blog...will be perusing your former posts...thank you, I am officially following you now.

  8. No way you're 51! Well kiddo you're holding up good. Maybe it's the Aussie/Brit life style. Many more happy birthdays

  9. Happy Birthday and Happy 100th blog Sarah, paper looks lovely, I also love the flat bears you mentioned in a previous blog!! Hope you had a lovely birthday XX

  10. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!! And congratulations on your 100th blog post!

  11. Happy Birthday! I can't believe your blog is 100 postings old already. And you, of course, don't look a day over 25.
    So I can think of 2 reasons why I might like to win the paper:
    a) You'll be drawing the prize on my birthday (January can be a tough month for celebrations, no?)
    b) Beloved Husband got down on one knee at the Eiffel tower so I'm not ashamed to say I have a bit of a Paris theme going on in our bedroom. I suspect this gorgeous paper is begging to be framed and hung!

  12. Gosh how lovely.... So many nice comments - thank you so much and to all good luck for the draw 21st January..

    Fab.F - Leeann - I had a great bday thanks.

    Jeanne - Yes, I agree 50+ - the best!

    HOTHB - pleased you like the blog and welcome to the flock.

    James - Such a gentleman! Thank you.

    P117 - Thanks for the congratulations. The FlatOut bears are darling aren't they?

    DP - Many, many thanks - no, I can't believe got to 100 already - how time flies when we are having fun!

    Struggler - Another January girl!! And, your bedroom with the Paris theme sounds so romantic.

  13. Wow, you really do not look 51!

    Happy Birthday. I just celebrated my 52nd so are you a Capricorn? Just wondering. I'm so glad you had a nice day. Congrats on your 100th post too.


  14. Janet - thank you for kind comments and wishes - yup, a fellow Earth sign, Capricorn!

  15. I am in total agreement Ex-Pat, I would never have said you were as old as me lol, not that I think 50 something is old haha. Many congrats on your birthday and I am convinced 50 is the new 40 for sure. congrasts on the 100th post too. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. your giveaway is gorgeous and would really make my home look so much better, I would frame it. very best wishes, Kathy xoxo

  16. Just stumbled on your blog!
    Happy birthday.
    I'd love the paper to stick on my wall, until I get back to Paris it will have to suffice.
    I've been looking for something like that for ages!

  17. Kathy - many thanks - no 50 is not old :-) - as you say, the new 40!!

    Somewhere Else - welcome and thanks.

    So.... now it is just 5 mins past midday on January 21st in Melbourne and so I will put the names in my Semi Expat hat and pick out 2 lucky winners!


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