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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Musical Hotel in Sweden

Mr SE has now flown on to Stockholm in Sweden and is staying in an ABBA hotel... I am deeply envious. Well, to be exactly precise it is owned by an ex- member of ABBA and regular readers to this blog will know (as do some of my friends in UK ) that I have a secret crush on ABBA and their music....!

It is called The Rival....

And looks really rather 'groovy' if I can use that word without sounding too old fashioned!

Owned by Benny Andersson..... Apparently he has even written a special song for the Hotel staff that you can download from the hotel website!!

Take a look HERE.... Oh lucky Mr SE - maybe the staff will put on a show whilst he is there!


  1. How fun to be staying in an ABBA hotel!
    Just found your lovely blog ... its always great reading about other expats!
    Have a great day! :-)

  2. Thank you Marina - welcome - thanks for dropping by and your comment too...

  3. ohmigod I'm so jealous! I love Stockholm, I actually think it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world and want a beach house there (strictly for summer use). And you're going to be impressed - I've stayed at Mr Benny's hotel!

    PS There's an Abba exhibition on at Earl's Court in London

  4. TNMA - Oh I am jealous....- I'd like to go there too - so far he is really impressed with the city - all working like clockwork even though loads of snow and v. cold temps. too... And am v. interested about exhibition too at Earl's Court - thanks for info.

  5. I never know what to expect when I land here!!
    And I don't see why your crush on Abba has to be secret; I'm quite open about mine...

  6. Struggler - I like to surprise! No, I guess it isn't now.... but my friends in UK used to tease me about it... however I will hold my head up high and sing along loudly!


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