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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am not a 'Whinging Pom' but....

this is where I am currently - approximately furthest South tip - just above Tasmania.

And the photograph below will give you just a little clue as to where Mr SE is at the moment and since last weekend to be precise...

Yes, yes I know he is "On Business" and sending me some lovely photographs to share avec you all but I do hope that he will return to the Rue depicted below before he comes back to these shores and maybe bring me back a little something. Well, I think it's only fair.

Before the working week began though he did take some gorgeous photographs, even though the weather at the weekend was a little on the chilly side.

And he managed un peu de sightseeing too.


No matter. And as I said earlier am not one to complain.
So, the best dress is ready....

the finger nails are sporting a very daring (for me) dark shade - OPI's 'Lincoln Park After Dark ' - thanks Faux Fuchsia for giving me the encouragement to try this colour and not banish it solely to toe nails - and I am off to little soiree tonight at Chanel here in Melbourne. Ha! - who needs Paris?....
It is being held at the newest Chanel Boutique in Australia at the Chadstone Centre in Melbourne which is a huge Shopping Mall - oui, oui - Chanel in a mall, whatever next you might say....! I will admit I have not been invited, per se, myself you understand but I am going as a very lucky guest of friend Miss J who has had a personal invitation. Am hugely looking forward to it as I suspect there is a good chance of some French bubbles - cheers!

Will report back demain.


  1. Enjoy the bubbles, your dress is gorgeous. I think it's very fair that you should receive a little something from Paris, it being your birthday and all. Stunning photos BTW. have fun, Kathy.

  2. How exciting. Enjoy yourself and well done with the OPI polish!

  3. Enjoy the Chanel bash - and a belated Happy Birthday! Sorry I haven't done anything with my blog award yet - I'm a bit of a technophobe, truth be told - will have a go today. Promise.

  4. Hi Sarah - enjoy your night out - looking forward to hearing all about it! Susie x

  5. Looking forward to your Chanel report! Your dress is lovely.

  6. Have a wonderful time. The dress is perfect and l love, love, love the necklace!!! Nice addition to your birthday week!
    Jeanne :)

  7. I love the dress! Hope you enjoy your elegant evening!

  8. Nice ensemble, enjoy the bubbly and the evening.

  9. Who needs Paris! Seriously, I got engaged there in January and it was ridiculously cold. Romance was somewhat limited by runny noses and layers of hats and scarves.
    Would love to hear how the other half party at Chanel.

  10. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments - how kind everyone is in the blogosphere!
    Will definitely do a write up post about the evening - it was amazing to say the least!
    Sarah S-E

  11. Fabulous dress! Looking forward to hearing about the Chanel bash!


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