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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

World's BEST cashmere - BRORA goes on sale today....

my favourite cashmere company goes on sale in UK today! Much excitement.... When I lived in UK my friend Jo and I would telephone each other the morning of the sale and go through the catalogue deciding what we might buy....(that was half the fun!)

Granted it's not cheap (even in the sale) but the quality is second to none - it is beautiful Scottish cashmere and all the garments are made there and the colours just beautiful... Also, it lasts and lasts and the garments never go 'bobbly' like some cashmere does.... So, to whet your appetite I present to you....
The cropped cashmere cardigan - the colour shown above I believe is 'diesel'...

Gorgeous long wrist warmers......

And the long boyfriend V-neck jumper- a classic....

And lastly, photographed above are two of my much loved Brora cashmere items - cropped cardigan in pale sea green (I have owned this for around 5 years or so and its still as good as new). And a little checked grey cashmere 'throatwarmer' scarf.... the scarf was a present around 4 years ago from my friend Jo.

Back in UK I also have a lovely long grey ribbed cashmere scarf too (so long as dear daughter has not "borrowed" it for use in France whilst skiing!) and a selection of gloves and also, luxury of luxuries (and oh, so warm) two pairs of their cashmere tights....

Warning though - get in there quickly - things sell out so fast....! http://www.brora.co.uk/


  1. Damn, was trying SO hard to ignore this. You are so right, though. It is the ONLY cashmere that doesn't pill, so really, it's actually an investment... off I go then and it is ALL your fault.


  2. I've just become a follower-I love cashmere and unfortunately do battle with the bobbles!

  3. Ooh, interesting - I love that it doesn't pill. I've obviously been neglecting my cashmere duties as I hadn't heard of them before. Just visited the site and I like the sound of a cashmere hot water bottle cover!!

  4. Brora's one of my favourite cashmere labels too - you have such good taste!

  5. ELS - naturally you will save money in the long run its such a good investment!

    Jeanne - hope you've ordered something to cheer you through the winter there.

    FF - thank you, thank you for joining the flock - no more de-bobbling if you bought one of these cashmere babies!

    Struggler - the HWB covers are so gorgeous - my friend has one.

    TNMA - ditto!! (have you purchased, were you tempted this sale?)

  6. May I ask how you care for your sweater that has held up so well? Do hand wash it or dry clean it? You should do a post on it!



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