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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The most deliciously refreshing drink ever - 'Grown-Up Lime-Aid'

Firstly, I apologise that at the moment this drink is not going to seem all that refreshing to those in Northern Hemisphere experiencing minus temperatures and lots of snow but I URGE you to file this little 'recipe' somewhere safely for the lazy, hazy days of Summer to come. And for the rest of us sweltering in the heat (yesterday the mercury hit 43 degrees here in Melbourne!) try this - you won't regret it....

Take a bottle of any dry-ish fizz...Obviously not your best champagne but a decent favourite white with bubbles. Last night we used Prosecco which is highly recommended by that well known Queen of the Domestic Kitchen - Nigella Lawson...... (and what she says I take extremely seriously).

Now, at this point you add freshly squeezed lime juice.... You can either make individual glasses but I think the far better way is to pour the whole bottle of fizz into a pretty glass jug and then add the juice of 6 or 7 limes. Agree, it seems a lot of lime juice but you will just have to trust me on this one. Oh, and a handful of ice too...

Only one small problem with this gorgeous drink.... It tastes very innocent and you drink more than you originally intended! And I will admit to having a teensy, weensy bit of a headache this morning but it was definitely worth it!
(And if you were on the receiving end of a slightly inappropriate/interfering text last night I can only apologise - the Lime-Aid made me do it!)


  1. Sounds delicious. Bubbly drinks are good year round in southern California!


    Thanks for the blog award. Will post it soon!

  2. I think we are going to like your grown-up lime aid. Kathy.

  3. Hi Sarah - wish I was drinking this whilst lying under an umbrella somewhere warm(ish)! I can hear the waves lapping just out of sight....and then I turn around, look out the window, and decide.....maybe a cup of hot tea (or five)....it's absolutely FREEZING here! T is coming back on 28th (she's had enough!) so I may be following soon after! Love Susie x

  4. We had some grown-up elderflower (with prosecco) over Christmas at Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant. Very fine.

  5. This looks divine. I want one Now. Still thinking about Ole Madge and Roddy Llewellyn....wasn't there a rumour that Ole Rods was gay?? Must've been hard for her to age- she was so beautiful. And to burn those poor old frail pins in the bath. Well it was the beginning of the end. Cheerio Semi Expat, love Kirstin x

  6. Is it wrong that at 9:51 a.m. I feel the need for grown up lime aid?

  7. Will remember this for the summer, very cold here but good to remember for the summer, if the UK has one this year!! Enjoyed reading abot your 7 things XX

  8. Janet (GC) and Kathy (C-D-C) in California - am sure you can have this drink ALL YEAR ROUND as it never really feels cold there, does it... or does it? - Enjoy.

    Susie - I'll make you one when you come out to visit...(soon?)

    TNMA - Mmmm your elderflower prosecco sounds divine too...

    FF - do try it - you'll love it! Ha! Yes, it was funny re: Madge and Rodders - don't think he was gay or though come to think of it maybe I did hear that rumour - think he is now married with children ... (perhaps he swings both ways??) Or Swung...!

    LBR - pretend its a soft drink or mid morning pick me up! (and yes, would love to go house hunting with you singing along to ABBA as our theme!)

    P117 - welcome to the blog! Lovely to see you commenting now after lurking in the background - well done V!

  9. Thanks Sarah..a definite keeper for the upcoming summer months! Can't wait~!


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