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Friday, January 8, 2010

Spotlight on LULU GUINNESS and 2 'Thank Yous'

I have always loved the designs of Lulu Guinness and each Summer I fish out my straw LG bag (photo above). This year has been no exception and I have enjoyed using it in Australia. It's just that little bit different and I love the cheery poppies and the lining too which is red with little white polka dots - cute...
Mobile Phone Holder

Coin purse

Flower basket bag

The 3 photographs above are taken from her website http://www.luluguinness.com/ Top one shows a fabulous mobile phone holder in the shape of a London telephone box - next one down a sweet little coin purse with a London scene and the last one is one of her 'iconic' flower basket design handbags....

A little about Lulu :

Lucinda Jane Guinness née Rivett-Carnac, better-known as Lulu Guinness (born 1960) is a well-known British accessories fashion designer...

In 1989, Lulu designed her first handbag – a patent briefcase with lots of clear pockets and bright suede lining. The piece is sold through Liberty’s and Joseph in London. After this great success, Lulu begins designing handbags full time and opens an office and work studio in her home. She opens a collaborative store on Elizabeth Street in London with Selina Blow and the Jackson’s. In 1995, the first of her world famous collectable handbags is designed and called the ‘Original House’ with hand embroidery on black satin with a red suede roof.
Last year she celebrated 20 years in the business with a party in London attended by the great and good of the fashion world.
And, to finish this post I have to say two big thank yous - one to Susie at The Mill House and one to Jeanne at Collage of Life who have both awarded me (within a few hours of each other!) a 'Kreativ Blogger' award. Thank you both, and I will work on what I have to do with the award over the weekend....!! (am not all that 'up' on computery things - in fact a little bit of a 'technical twit' at times but I will get there - eventually!)
A good weekend to one and all....


  1. Oh we love Lulu Guinness! I'm trying not to spend too much money at the moment but that mobile phone holder has to be mine!

  2. Fabulous, the mob phone holder is so cute.

    Have a fabulous weekend in the warm it is very chilly here :-)


  3. Lulu is a great designer - very original!

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