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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mid week roses from the garden

Did not get around to a post yesterday- many apologies ...... We were preparing a farewell barbeque for BN before she goes off for a look around New Zealand - she will be back in Melbourne with us later....

We all had a fabulous evening and I picked this large bunch of coral roses from the garden - thought you might like to see them - the colour will warm up those in the Northern Hemisphere - especially those in UK where there was another snow fall last night I believe... Brrrrr!!...


  1. Thank you, they are lovely. And yes, more snow last night, this morning, for the next few days! Which I don't mind at all - it's very pretty, till it turns to slush.

  2. Wow, jealous you have these in bloom!
    We have one rose in flower in our garden at the moment and I wouldn't have the heart to pick it :)

  3. Sarah - what a beautiful colour - swap you snow envy for rose envy....! Susie x


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