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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Music to stir your heart on a Sunday

I urge you to listen to this - three 30 second bursts from my favourite Classical 'boy band' Blake ....
The second and third excerpts especially make the hairs stand up on my arms!!

This is taken from their third and latest album 'Together' - not only are they all rather easy on the eye (!), I am a teeny bit biased as I know one of them personally - Jules Knight (front, first photo and bottom right hand in second photo) - and have done since he was around 10 years old but they are all equally lovely young men....



  1. Hi Sarah - first heard these guys when we saw them performing with Katherine (or is it Catherine??!!) Jenkins at Westonbirt Arboretum - don't have any of their music but that may have to change now that I have the new i-pod!! If only I could work out how to get music onto it!! Hope you are having a lovely weekend - has it cooled down there? Love Susie x

  2. Goodness - they're like something out of a modern day Jane Austen novel! 'Easy on the eye' is a bit of an understatement, and the music's very pleasant too.

  3. Susie - Oh so glad you have actually seen them in concert - I think they are so good (but then again I would!)... Yes, mmmm ipods - I have only had mine just over a year and am not yet all that good with it - your GG will be able to help hopefully?! No not too hot here today - a v pleasant 26 degrees and sun! S xx

    Struggler - Tend to agre with you there - touch of the Mr Darcys coming out of the lake perhaps?

    Beth D - thanks for dropping by the blog and the comment - hope you enjoyed their music.

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  5. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I love your blog. We have so much in common in terms of the books we read and the stuff we like!! That's the great thing about blogs because it opens up so many opportunities to meet like-minded, kindred spirits across the countries and ocean, so to speak. i'm glad to hear that you like Blake. It's incredible that you also know Jules. He was also in my class at the univeristy!!. It was a very arty year at the university. But I never know he can sing.

  6. ASD - how incredible - such a small world... - I will email you...


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