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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Party 'favours'- par excellence - clue they come in orange boxes trimmed in brown!

On December 22nd I was invited to a girls' dinner party at Wildflower restaurant.

Such a treat to go here in itself - the food was absolutely delicious and the atmosphere, especially during that week, was very festive and pretty with twinkling white lights and lots of laughter and merriment at the tables. Naturally it was full.

Our girls' dinner was hosted by the lovely Miss J who owns Peony and we were a party of five altogether - Miss J had invited four lucky girlies....

I am ashamed to say that although I live closest to this restaurant, (within walking distance) I was last to arrive and as I scurried in and said my "hellos" I was taken aback because there, at each of the place settings were .........


- the most divine and gorgeous orange HERMES boxes.....!! How lovely, how dreamy and what a most amazing gift !! We had been totally spoilt by Miss J.

Of course we then undid them at the same time (carefully saving the iconic brown ribbon, naturally) and nestled inside the box in a cylindrical shape there were

Vetiver Perfumed Lining Papers.... and I quote, from the little piece of paper inside :

"These five sheets embossed with the Hermes saddle tack combine the woody fragrances of vetiver with the refined freshness of bergamot and lemon. Clove, coriander, frankincense and sandalwood add a warm, spicy note. Use to line the bottom of drawers and wardrobes, they will lend their delicate perfume to the contents"

I cannot tell what a gorgeous, and totally unexpected and luxurious surprise they were....

We were extremely lucky.... I also cannot describe accurately just how wonderful the fragrance is too.... heavenly. Not sure though if I ever want to undo them - just pat the box, open the lid occasionally, sniff and sigh!


  1. WOW!!! I'm imagining the look on your face when you saw the box! What a wonderful present.

  2. B.Madame... yes, it was a bit 'wow' wasn't it?
    Felt v. lucky! xx

  3. Fancy! I want a wall painted in that shade. I keep my hermes wrapping-you should too x


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