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Friday, January 15, 2010

Bargains of the decorative kind

Before Christmas Tish Jett wrote about these little beauties in her great blog A femme d'un certain age...

The very next day I hot-footed it down to our nearest IKEA store (despite protests from Mr SE who hates the place - "We're just going to the market place, promise....!" ) and splashed out on 7 of them! Yes, 7. They look beautiful all lined up down the centre of the table (photographed below chez nous, on Christmas Day). And wonder of wonders, they are dual usage too - you can have candles in them as in the photograph or you can flip them over and put little tea-lights in them. Nifty, eh?

In Ikea 'speak' - NEGLINE @ 99 cents each - bargain of the decade!

Whilst there my eyes were naturally drawn to this which took me back to the streets of London and made me feel a longing for good old Blighty.... Rather nice - think I may have to indulge to hang on the walls of our Australian rented pad...

Its Ikea catalogue 'name' is VILSHUTE and at $89 I think it is pretty good value (it's large!) but not as big as the one below if you prefer a French slant to your art....

This goes by the name of PREMIAR and is $259 - why couldn't it have the name Eiffel Tower I wonder though?? Far more simple!

And finally, what about this groovy 'Dandelion light' masquerading as 'PS MASKROS' - cost to you -$199... warning though - does say 'self assembly required' - surely not all those teeny little flowery bits?

Ed Note : all prices quoted are in Australian Dollars...


  1. Love those candle holders, so simply elegant!

  2. I too saw the London bus, but since I only really need art for the guest room, and many guests are from Blighty, it seemed a bit of a strange choice!
    The candle holders are great. I've noticed at Ikea in their showroom, they almost always use multiples of things to get a stylish effect, and at this price, you can certainly afford to!

  3. Love all the things you mention in this post! I've been hearing a lot about Ikea. We like to shop at Freedom, but this blog post calls for a trip to get me one of those London bus prints. My mam met my dad on the buses, so hey, I have the history...
    You have a lovely blog!

  4. It's nice to see those candleholders in an action shot. They are very versatile and pretty with an understated elegance vibe.

  5. DP - yes agree - such a simple design but thats often the best isn't it?

    Struggler - agree re The Bus - not sure I would have it in UK for that same reason but quite like the idea of it here in Oz.

    M.W - welcome to the blog and thanks for following - you def. have to get one with the history of London buses in your family,

    BM - glad you like the action shot! Mr SE called it 'the wall of fire' !!

  6. great candlesticks. cool art. uh...assembling the dandelion light fixture? no thanks! lol. (hugs)

  7. Looks like your trip to Ikea was a success :-) Isn't that a great store?

  8. Janean - yes, thoroughly agree re: assembling!

    Velva - thanks for dropping by and your comment - welcome - yes, such fun for buying things you didn't really realise you need!!

  9. I have given you an award! Check out my blog, and congrats!


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