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Monday, January 4, 2010

Natural, Bare, NUDE!

Just how many colours do I have in my makeup bag which are a variation on the above ?

Answer. Too many, just far too many......

Yes, I know there is always the search for the perfect red but I do think I have found that - apparently, (and this comes from someone I do trust implicitly) it is Chanel's Passion - No. 14 which is such a beautiful red. However, I do not wear red on a regular basis. Just for the occasion when I feel brave. And, of course, confident..... (and have to bat off comments from Mr SE that I look like my mother.... Not that looking like my mother is necessarily a 'bad thing' - just that she is in her early seventies and I am 50) Anyway, I digress.

The jury is still out regarding the perfect nude......

On this theme I have mainly stuck to BOBBI BROWN - Queen of the 'Natural Look' and I think I am almost there with a Lip Colour lipstick in Bobbi's 'Brown' (not as the colour sounds - much more a pinky colour) with either 'Pink Beige' or 'Beige' lipgloss on top... But I would welcome any other suggestions for that perfect, groomed "I have a little colour on but it's so natural you wouldn't necesarily know" look. So polished - so, je ne sais quoi..... !
Please? Either that or I am going to have to invest in a far bigger make up bag!!

I have listed the above colours in my photograph and they are: Brownie, Naked, Posey, Rum Raisin, Brown, Cream O'Spice (MAC), Beige, Viva Glam (MAC), Orgasm (ahem...!! - NARS), Brownie Pink, Cocoa, Bare.... and another favourite not photographed - Tea Rose.... See - TOO many along the same lines!!



  1. MAC Viva glam 2 is my favourite neutral. Love your blog x

  2. I have brownie pink too. I like Bobbie Browns colors but the taste of her lipstick is something I have to endure. I wish she would take that out. I just found a great nude lipstick by Mac called "Bare". It's not one of their regular lipsticks, but it's in a very thin tube and it's moisturizing and glossy. I've been wearing this one every day.

  3. Love this post - found it via bonjour madame--
    I use, and you won't believe this...a little cheepie from Target for my nude color ($3.97)
    When I have the funds Chanel makes one that is PERFECT but the name is escaping me...lot of good that does you. If I think of it today I will pop back by.

    PS Saw your almost black nail poilish down below - I wear Sephora's "I'm with Brad" similar to it. Try it on your hands - you'll get addicted.

  4. Hi Sarah - OK so I'm guessing your 'not to do' list this year includes buying more 'nude' lipstick! I wear Chanel 'Passion' nail polish a lot & went to House of Fraser to get the lipstick as I love the polish but when I tried it quickly realised it's not for me.......Morticia Addams is not my best look...! x

  5. I thought of another one today...Rich Cashmere by Lancome. It's got a different look, more nude, less brown, with a hint of peach to make the lips look more fleshy. Your post has gotten me thinking all day about nude lipstick!

  6. Oh you are all so sweet - knew I would be able to rely on my 'blogging family' for good advice - thank you all.... Will definitely try out the suggestions (and buy bigger make up bag!)

    And P.Farmgirl - welcome to the blog - thanks for stopping by - great to have you as one of the flock! (And love the name of that polish you talked about - I'm with Brad !! Ha!

  7. Oh, nudes are tricky!! But you do seem to have an awful lot of them :)
    I've been experimenting recently with CoverGirl's Outlast - it's one of those stains that you then apply chapstick/lipsyl or similar over the top. I snack so much that I find lipstick just doesn't last for me unless it's the 'permanent' kind.


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