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Monday, January 18, 2010

Vintage Finds. And an award....

Yesterday morning I spent a wonderful few hours mooching around the Sunday Flea Market in Camberwell which is very close to where we live in Melbourne...... I love nothing better than to browse here - it's on every Sunday and if I had my way I'd be there each week - Mr SE is not so keen and usually goes off to have coffee and read the papers. (He thinks 'It's all TAT' - English word for 'junk') - however, as far as I am concerned that is half the fun - you never know what you might find....

For example look at these - two little cushions CRAMMED full of vintage brooches... I bought the little round one with the black centre stone, left hand pillow in the middle at the bottom. Thought it looked quite Chanel-esque.

Or, if plants and flowers are more your thing there is plenty to choose from too... Two bunches of pale roses came home with me yesterday....

And a vintage scarf.... from the middle of this lot (it was hidden at the bottom)

Plenty of vintage shoes and boots - and I admit I did try the black shiny patent lace-ups ... just wasn't sure I am ready to embrace the 'Annie Hall/K.D. Lang look' at the moment but I was really tempted..

Here is my find - olive green silk vintage scarf photographed with my vintage sunnies which I bought at the market last year... I love them.

This is what they look like on!

So all in all it was a fabulous day......And this morning when I checked in with my favourite blogs I had another nice surprise.....

An award from the talented and accomplished and lovely FF over at Faux Fuchsia... Thank you so much... Now, I have to pass this on and answer the long list of questions in one (not too taxing, good) word answers!!

Your cell / mobile phone? Ancient
Your hair? Blonde-ish
Your mother? Glamorous
Your father? Warm
Favourite food? Oriental
Dream last night? No
Favourite drink? Champagne
Your dream? Fulfillment
Room you are in? Dining
Hobby? Antiques
Fear? Death
Where'd you want to be in 6 years? UK
Where were you last night? Melbourne
Something you aren't? Fickle
Muffins? Blueberry
Wish list item?Louboutins
Where'd you grow up? Worldwide
Last thing you did? Walked
What are you wearing? Jeans
Your tv? Instrusive
Your pets?Spoilt
Your Friends? Cherished
Your life? Different
Your mood? Contented
Missing someone? Hugely
Vehicle? Blue
Something you're not wearing? Socks
Favourite shop? Emma Hope
Favourite colour? Greens
Last time you laughed? Yesterday
Last time you cried? Thursday
Best friend? Wonderful
Where'd you go over and over? Coast
Who emails me regularly? Mr SE
Favourite place to eat? ChinChins
And I choose to pass on the award to the amazing and interesting (and featured in the British Press) blog which is Thats Not My Age. If you have not already found her then you are missing a treat of the highest kind, I promise!
Be sure to 'tune in' again tomorrow - it will be a celebratory post in more ways than one!


  1. You look so pretty in that photo! I love those brooches! and those scarves- must've been great fun to have a rummage. x

  2. Hi Sarah - glad you had such a fun Sunday..love your bargain finds and your vintage sunnies photo..you have that Aussie summer glow (compared with the UK winter pasty look which is what we are all currently sporting!!) Have a happy week, Love Susie x

  3. Hi I just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog. And your great smile!

  4. The market looks great fun but I can see why it might not be Mr SE's cup of tea! Here in the US, I'm always amazed what gets sold as 'vintage' when we would have considered it to be the kind of rubbish that cluttered up granny's house.

  5. S-E This is my first award and I am truly honoured. Thank you so much - and er, please explain award etiquette. Do I have to pass it on/answer the questions now?

  6. TNMA - Oh good... so glad you like the award... Etiquette as follows... I think - am relatively new at this! Right click onto the award logo on mine (save it to your pics) and post it to yours - say you have been given the award from me and link me... And pass it on to one other blog... Lastly answer all the questions...! (I cut and pasted all the questions from the blog that gave me the award to Word) and then put it on mine, deleted her answers and put mine on... Whenever you like is the answer as to when - most people do within couple of days... Hope this makes it clearer - if not, email me and I'll try to help but it may be a case of 'the blind leading the blind'!

  7. FF - thank you and yes, was SO much fun to rumage to heart's content!

    Susie - many thanks - re : 'sunny glow' - mainly my Nivea special moisturisring thing with tanning agent tho! Market great though - hope you have good week too...

    James - how lovely! My first man ;-) - thank you for your kind comment and am so glad you enjoy the blog - welcome to the fold and thank you for following.

    Struggler - ha! yes... you can imagine what the MIL thought when I took her here - (why did I, I wonder?) - she loathed it!

    TNMA - congratulations on your award - hope you are ok with my directions too!

  8. Your day at the market sounds like fun! I love your photo of the cushions with the vintage brooches on them.

  9. I must go check the market out! But I never have a car on Sunday morning :(



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