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Friday, January 22, 2010

Paris Photographs for you

Since most of us are not in Paris this weekend (apart from lucky Jeanne from Collage of Life!) I thought I would share these sent to us by Mr SE.....

This one is even better than the last Eiffel Tower one he sent before - beautiful...

Aaaah... now this one... Have to admit that I am missing my dear Mr SE - looks quite Gallic in this photo... Actually maybe he does too to the locals as someone came up to him last weekend and started asking him directions in French.. well, he thought they were directions - he doesn't really speak a word of French himself apart from Bonjour!!

A Bon Weekend to all.....


  1. Dear S, your husband is DIVINE. Lucky you. Loved the Chanel post too. Does Mr SEIO have any adorable single friends? Keep me is mind. ha! xxx

  2. Beautiful pics. Darling one of the hubby. Mine is out of town too, not in Paris mind you but still away and missing him dearly.


  3. Me again!

    Just wanted to let you know I have not forgotten about the award. Waiting for Hubby to get home to help me with my links. I'm totally lost without him re computer stuff.


  4. Bon Weekend to you aussi!
    (Is that right? I'm trying to say also, not Ozzie...)

  5. SWIW - Mine too!

    FF - He will be SO chuffed to see your comment - will enquire re : single friends!

    DP/"Une" -Oui, Le Grand Sigh!

    Janet - Absence makes etc...How true and yes, mine helps me too with ALL things computery!

    Struggler - Gd day! But, Oui 'Aussi' is correct!


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