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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beach and Breakfast

Thought I would show you three photographs to illustrate two points in my list I wrote yesterday regarding my favourite things about Melbourne.

Above and below - a beach so close to the City. In the first photo you can see the city clearly in the background - the other photo is taken looking out towards the other way...

Just lovely isn't it ?... But not quite as lovely as the breakfast below... YUM! Perfection on a plate and served with a delicious coffee - what could be nicer?

Ed Note : Not that I was beach visiting and breakfasting today... (these are photographs from my 'archives'!) It was the first day back (after the long summer break) at Peony and it was Sale time too... busy, busy busy - we did not stop all day! If you live in Melbourne definitely worth a visit before all the bargains go!


  1. Your reply to my last comment made me chuckle out loud, thank you for that.

  2. Lovely spot for a stroll and some breakfast!
    Hope business continues to boom at Peony.

  3. Love these pics Chil S!! The breakfast looks delicious,and the pics of the beach are making me want to come over to visit!! XX

  4. FF -come down for a weekend - you would be more than welcome!

    James - pleased I made you smile!

    Struggler - business was CRAZY busy - great but not even time for lunch!

    P117 - Come on over - "we'll put another shrimp on the barbie" as they say over here - book it NOW dear sister!!!


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