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Monday, January 25, 2010

Fabric with a French influence

I have always loved British designer Kate Forman's collection of wonderful fabrics and wallpapers with a decidedly French influence and I think you might too. She also does a range of accessories made from the fabrics. All items are available on line, but I am not sure if she posts overseas, sorry! Here are a few gorgeous images though from her website : Wonderful restrained and faded florals. I would SO love that dining room.
Beautiful taupe coloured plain linen in these curtains.

Cushions available to purchase; already made up if you so desire.

Adore this fabric - so subtle.

One of my very favourites - this lovely red fabric - goes by the name of "Pandora".

Hope you enjoyed- from the 'secret address book' of SE!

(All images from her website - http://www.kateforman.co.uk/ )


  1. Lovely!

    And thanks for your post re: Camberwell markets. I will definitely go in the next couple of weeks.


  2. ah yes, absolutely beautiful!! you have good taste my dear!

  3. Sarah, these photos are devine!! Just read your comments on my blog and I have to tell you I am delighted to have won your giveaway. How appropriate after returning from Paris...a wonderful addition to my memory book! Many thanks..xoxo
    Jeanne :)

  4. I like the picture over the settee, the fabric matches it nicely. Ms Forman is a real talent and you have the good taste to share it!

  5. Mmm, very nice, soft but not too sickly! These rooms look comfortable without going too far towards girly.

  6. This is very beautiful. I didn't know this brand

  7. SWIW - Glad you like it - yes, do go to the market am sure you will like it..

    Jeanne - so pleased you like the giveaway prize and that Paris was perfection...

    James - you are a darling to comment regarding interiors - I love that you do too...!!

    Struggler - yes I agree - I don't 'do' girly or frilly either!

    Melane - welcome thanks for dropping by and commenting too...thank you.

  8. Sorry, I meant MelanIe.. typing too fast and having had a gin and tonic aswell(well, two!!)


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